There’s nothing I can say to improve this. CHECK OUT this incredible program for a funeral. Note that “Although you may feel unsure coming into this setting, be sure that Karen designed this night herself… She wanted all her friends and family to remember the good times, the laughs, the triumphs, and celebrate…”

You don’t need a terminal diagnosis to think about how you want to be remembered. Your existence is a terminal condition.

If you really, truly, don’t want people crying and being morbid at your goodbye party… take my webinar and start getting your unique-to-you thoughts written down!! It’s an enlightening, eye-opening, chuckle-including experience that will leave you realizing it’s not dreadful, it’s kind of fascinating. Dying isn’t for everyone, but in case it happens, better to have prepped a bit. This is not my 2¢ anymore. This is my mission.

Wow! We were BLOWN AWAY by this "Game Night" themed Life Celebration by J. J. Duffy Funeral Home! What a perfect example…

Posted by Life Celebration, Inc on Tuesday, March 27, 2018